Something for everyone! By Cheri Mayott ( Ft. Collins, CO)

For those who love quirky characters, ROAD TO HAVLA has an old man who welcomes the travelers into his cabin but only speaks to them indirectly, through a gray goose named Gertie.

For those who love to see good triumph over evil, this group of young people develop a strong friendship, help Will discover his identity and save a city from unspeakable evil.

Ah yes, and there is a little romance as well. Great stuff!

Satisfying and Engaging! By Debra Gore (Austin, TX)

"The Road to Havla further develops the great friendships and characters I fell in love with in Beyond Seaside. More engaging adventures unfold. This second book in the series is a satisfying conclusion to Beyond Seaside."

Exciting and funny! By Lahra Dautel "L Bryant" (Austin, TX)

"It's the perfect ending to the first book, Beyond Seaside! The characters are just as lovable and the story will have you hanging on every word! This is a must read...definitley up there on my favorite books ever!" For those who love battles, there is a great one that involves pirate ghosts, raven and eagles, barbarians, swordsmen and archers.